Welcome to our new client

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Welcome to our new client

FEBUARY 2019 — IBIS Management Associates Inc. will be guiding Banking Network Suriname N.V. (BNETS)  in realizing the company’s new innovations plan. IBIS Management’s Consultant Team has been selected to fully support BNETS in the planning and execution process based on IBIS’ knowledge and extensive experience in the Financial Industry, including payment and channel expertise, and project management track record. 

IBIS Management will be involved in making recommendations on how to improve existing business processes, translating current trends into realizable opportunities and as a result giving the company significant competitive advantage. 

BNETS owns Surinam’s interbank network, which enables ATM and POS guest transactions. Next to this BNETS also offers the financial sector additional services.BNETS was established in 2005 with the objectives of Promoting electronic payment transactions;Integrating payment transactions between financial institutions;Providing additional services to financial institutions;and Participating in companies that have similar or related objectives.

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