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Mastercard Cross-Border Services

Enabling banks, people and businesses to make frictionless cross-border payments with certainty and predictability.

Banks’ revenue and relevance is under pressure when it comes to processing high-volume, low-value cross-border payments.

As customers demand greater speed, transparency and security, banks need to deliver an experience that keeps pace with how we live and work in the world today, while effectively managing operational costs and risks.

Leveraging 50+ years of network expertise, Mastercard’s cross-border capabilities are designed to meet universal cross-border payment needs, regardless of purpose or end point, so our partners can better compete.

A common set of rules means everyone speaks the same language. A single connection can reach billions of card, bank and digital accounts, as well as cash-out locations securely and with certainty.

Mastercard provides the transparency, simplicity, and choice that people and businesses demand, with the stability and network resilience that our partners require.


Mastercard’s converged network capabilities enable payments directly to bank accounts, digital wallets, cards and cash payout locations around the world, and can service a variety of payment experiences.

Customers will be able to use SWISSRoute Service either as a stand-alone service or interoperating with SWIFT connectivity or other Market Infrastructure connectivity offered by Finastra FMS.

Finastra will offer Connectivity to customers as a SaaS service.