Corporate Social Responsibility

Banks for Kids

As our organization continues to grow and technology evolves, IBIS Management remains committed to enhancing our communities and bringing out the best in our people through high standards. Our corporate responsibility programs are focused on our children, our future.

Banks For Kids

“Banks for Kids” was founded in 2000 to support meaningful projects that bring hope and inspiration to the children of Curacao and the more than 20 countries where our banking clients are located. We have provided and continue to provide support to orphanages, shelters, kid’s hospital programs and training centers.

The foundation is funded directly from a percentage of our profits that are allocated to non-profit organizations once a year for their various causes.
IBIS is a big believer in giving back and will continue to devise creative ways to give back to the community. We will annually make donations to children’s well-being organizations throughout the Caribbean including Curacao.