IBM Cloud Hosting, Storage & Backup Services

Where is your data stored?

Now with our IBM Cloud services you can securely acquire IBMi processing and storage capacity in the private cloud on demand. We tailor your IBMi environment to your specific needs while maintaining flexible capacity on demand for your future growth. Contact us to find out why others have already chosen the IBM Cloud.

Now our exclusive offering includes Ripple connectivity. With the practicality of having both SWIFT and Ripple in your pocket, there are no more limitations to your banking  possibilities.

With the SWISSRoute RippleNetTM Adapter, processing transactions through the RippleNetTM will be easier, offering an out-of-the box integration.

IBM Cloud Object Storage

IBM Cloud Object Storage supports exponential data growth and cloud-native workloads with built-in high-speed file transfer capabilities, cross-region offerings and integrated services.

The IBM Aspera high-speed data transfer option makes it easy to transfer data, and flexible storage class tiers help manage costs while meeting data access needs.

IBM® Cloud Object Storage stores encrypted and dispersed data across multiple geographic locations.

Core benefits

Reduce storage costs
Save on associated storage costs that include server, power, and data center space requirements.

Reduce downtime
Maintain more streamlined storage environments to help lower day-to-day touch points for IT storage teams.

Create new business value
Increase scalability and performance with object-based storage environments to win more business.

Fast data transfer
Securely move data to IBM Cloud Object Storage with the natively integrated Aspera high-speed data transfer option. Upload data at no cost.

Data protection and security
Manage encryption keys with IBM Key Protect. Set role-based policies and access permission with IBM Cloud Identity and Access Management Services.

High durability and resiliency
Built for 99.99999999% data durability. Select the resiliency option for the location, availability and performance you need. Individual results vary.

Accelerated archive
With a faster restore option of up to two hours, you can access your dormant data faster, while saving on storage costs for your long-term data.

Backup and recovery
IBM Cloud Object Storage offers a scalable, secure destination to back up your critical data. It reduces the cost of backups while still retaining immediate access.
IBM Cloud® Object Storage provides durable, security-rich and cost-effective cloud storage for a variety of backup needs. This helps replace tape, streamline backup operations and simplify archival processes.


IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers

The scalable, cost-effective way to run IBMi workloads.

IBM Power® Systems clients who have typically relied upon on-premises-only infrastructure can now quickly and economically extend their Power IT resources onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers. Avoid the large capital expense or added risk when migrating your essential workloads.

Core benefits

Data copy
Secure a Disaster-Recovery-as-a-Service site on IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers. Help ensure your mission-critical applications, systems of records, IBM Db2® transactions or ERP/CRM plans remain resilient with off-site, high-availability resources.

Grow at your own pace
Extend your Power workloads onto IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers without heavy upfront costs. Help keep budgets under control with transparent pricing and pay-as-you-use billing.

Choose your deployment
Select your system and customize cores, storage, network, OS and more. Let the IBM team fully manage it for you or opt for a self-service model.

Run your workloads when and where you want
Bring more capacity to your Power infrastructure — on-demand, within minutes. Stay competitive and agile with flexible management both on premises and off premises.

IBM Power Systems Virtual Servers are colocated and connected with IBM Cloud™, integrating your IBM AIX® and IBM i capabilities.

That means you get fast, self-service provisioning, flexible management both on premises and off premises, and access to a stack of enterprise IBM Cloud services — all with pay-as-you-use billing that lets you easily scale up and out.