Digitizing Caribbean Banks

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Digitizing Caribbean Banks

The digital era has commenced, and customers expect a consistent experience across channels, from the online options to the bank branch and back-office. As such, Bank of Nevis will soon be introducing its Online Branch as a new Channel for retail, commercial and corporate clients. By adding the Alchemy Global Internet and Mobile Banking features to its existing Alchemy Payment Processing Platform (PPS), the bank will enable its customers digitally, while continuing to optimize back-office operations that improve efficiency and achieve greater returns on investment while increasing both customer and employee satisfaction and loyalty.  

“The Bank of Nevis Ltd. is yet another IBIS client that has embraced the future of digitization with the robust payments processing architecture of the Alchemy Connect platform. To lead into the future of digitization, financial institutions need strong and reliable technology at the core of their operations. This new digital channel includes full Straight Through Processing (STP) integration with the Payment Suite, which allows for transactions to be processed with the highest levels of controls, accuracy and compliance. That’s the only way for banks to thrive in today’s highly competitive financial world.“ Says Clark Russel, CEO of IBIS Management Associates Inc.

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