We welcome National Commercial Bank of Anguilla!

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We welcome National Commercial Bank of Anguilla!

On October 11th IBIS Management Associates Inc. signed a long-term commitment with National Commercial Bank of Anguilla (NCBA) that marked the start of revamping the core payment operations to include amongst others straight through processing and back office automation. This will elevate the overall client banking experience, enable faster transactions and uncover more future-ready banking standards. 

The Valley, Anguilla The new age of modern banking is growing rapidly across the world. Offering more avenues for banks to diversify their business while demanding a higher compliance standard.  With this growing demand, customers are seeking for more ease of use with a consistent service provider that is willing to innovate. NCBA recognizes this to be an essential part of their core vision.  

Alchemy has successfully transformed many financial institutions by providing an automated back-office platform that reduces manual interventions, mitigates errors, while saving valuable time and increasing banking performance. NCBA can expect a progressive shift in their operations and over time this will have a great impact for their customers as well. It will bring new opportunities for the bank to expand into future service offerings and improve current practices like online / mobile banking and beyond.  

Next to the Alchemy platform, NCBA will also host a more secure SWIFT connection through our SWISSRoute Service, which enables the bank to send, receive and verify payment messages on one centralized cost-efficient platform. With the SWISSRoute Service integration the bank can also further expand their banking reach by adding world-class payment networks to the mix, such as Ripple and MasterCard for cross-bordering alternatives.  

Being hosted through IBM Cloud, one of the world’s most renowned hosting providers, we can assure NCBA’s customers with a trusted contingency plan for the unprecedented event of any service interruptions due to natural disasters like hurricanes. 

“With over 20+ years of solid leadership, IBIS Management Associates Inc. became the solutions provider and consulting firm of choice for many financial institutions across the Caribbean Central and South America. We specialize in the development and implementation of best practice Straight Through Processing (STP) payment systems, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking Apps, AML/CFT Compliance solutions, Application development and others essential needs.  

And we are confident that our solutions and expertise will further propel National Commercial Bank of Anguilla forward to increased client service, efficiency and compliance.” As recently stated by Clark Russel, the CEO of IBIS Management Associates Inc.  In the photos from left to right: Ms. Sharmaine Francois CEO – NCBA, Mr. Clark Russel CEO – IBIS Management Associates & Ms. Marisa Gumbs Manager Projects & Card Services – NCBA.

For more information, contact IBIS Management Associates Inc.
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E. info@ibis-management.com

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