IBIS Management welcomes Thunes to the Caribbean!

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IBIS Management welcomes Thunes to the Caribbean!

In recent days we signed the official partnership agreement with Thunes to bring more innovative banking solutions to our region. Thunes is based in Singapore and has a solid network spanning over 110+ countries, 60+ currencies. Providing a direct pathway for different organizations to move money across borders through a single API.

With this new partnership we continue to deliver on our vision to reshape the standards of the Caribbean banking culture.

This partnership marks the beginning of a future-ready banking culture in our region, where banks are no longer limited to a singular channel for end-to-end cross-border payment processing. Thunes is a licensed Payments Service Provider (PSP), utilizing their own Global Payment Network for foreign currency transfers.

With our exclusive offering we are now able to provide our Alchemy clients with the flexibility to divert to faster, cost-efficient & seamless payment options and new rails. 

Watch the video announcement below

During a virtual conference from the Caribbean Association of Banks, we made a public announcement together with our friends at Thunes. In this video Dawei Wang, Alberto Nunes (Thunes) & Morales Esajas (IBIS Management) gave a brief partnership introduction and covered the effective alternatives and opportunities in modern banking through the Thunes solution.

Are you an Alchemy PPS client?
Contact your consultant today and ask what Thunes can do for your business. Alternative Cross-Border Payments Services, discover a world of seamless payment options and new rails.

For more information, contact IBIS Management Associates Inc.
T. +5999 737-2065
E. info@ibis-management.com

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