We also offer Project Management and Advisory Services

We help financial institutions and corporates navigate through their operational challenges and reach greater levels of efficiency and compliance.


The economic, competitive and regulatory pressures of the financial industry leaves many institutions at a crossroad with multiple contradicting decisions to be made, trying to control costs on one hand while introducing new innovations on the other. The IBIS Management team, with its breadth and depth of financial industry expertise, will work closely with you to bring new efficiencies and dramatically improve your performance.


We work in an age of digital transformation, and approaches that worked in the past no longer apply in this rapidly changing environment. Our consulting services provide the experience, knowledge and best practices to help you improve your operations.

We do an in-depth analysis of your workflow processes and identify bottlenecks, risks and redundancies. From there we create a proposed strategy to streamline your operations for better efficiency and accuracy.

Why we are considered the Leader in Operational Excellence ?

Our value proposition is concentrated on formulating solutions that create business value. Next to our expertise in payment process automation solutions, IBIS Management is also considered a leader in operations consulting, helping Financial Institutions and Corporates respond to challenges and opportunities from the back office to the front end.

Leveraging decades of deep Financial industry experience we provide practical business and operational consulting for our clients, with an approach that combines deep insight and industry expertise.

Our Key Consulting service offerings entail:

Banking Project Management and Implementation services

  • Select a new core or satellite system Manage implementations Manage Banking Projects
  • Manage implementations
  • Manage implementations

Banking Business process optimization and profitability scans

  • Review and diagram existing processes and recommend improvements
  • Implement new banking processes
  • Execute quick scans on specific operation areas for cost reduction and profit improvement

Operation support and improvement services

  • Provide hands-on support
  • Set-up / reorganize departments

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