IBIS Management welcomes ACB Grenada Bank LTD.

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Say hello to the latest bank to emerge from the booming OECS!

Earlier this year, IBIS Management and ACB Caribbean partnered up in a vision to enable a future ready banking culture for the growing demands in modern day banking. Through the capabilities of digitization offered by our Alchemy & SWISSRoute Solutions, ACB is already undergoing its process to increase efficiency in payment processing, enable global wire transfers and local and regional Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT), introducing new services such as card issuance, payments and more.

For over 66 years, ACB (Antigua Commercial Bank Ltd., now trading as ACB Caribbean) stood strong and steady, trusted as the bank of choice for the people of Antigua and Barbuda ever since. This year ACB triumphantly acquired the portfolio of RBC Antigua, Barbuda and Grenada, extending their reach further into the OECS and anchoring their position deeper in the Caribbean market.

While corporate takeovers in the banking sector are common from time to time, few are qualified to undertake such a major task successfully. From restructuring the logistic legal entities into one, redistributing asset management, and overhauling administrative procedures among countless other duties, ACB committed itself to challenge this tough and rigorous opportunity and turned it into a new milestone for the bank’s future.

We are certain that their newly acquired customers are glad to have an indigenous bank leading the takeover, and we congratulate the ACB Caribbean team of experts that successfully completed this process.

As their range of services grows and diversity of customers spreads out over the Caribbean, the potential for ACB to excel is unprecedented. For now, the bank is focusing on maintaining a high standard of service towards their loyal customers, while periodically introducing new services to uphold their slogan, “Simply Smarter Banking”.

We look forward to growing this partnership into greater innovations from which others can take inspiration and motivation to further improve the Caribbean banking culture.

This year, IBIS Management continues to celebrate 21 years as the leading financial technology provider in the Caribbean, and for us, it brings great satisfaction to be trusted all over the region and, to see our products and services continue to facilitate the various amalgamations as we proudly serve each and every Indigenous commercial bank within the OECS. 

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