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Did you know that you can significantly improve your how your banking relationships are managed? Whether you are a midsize or regional corporation, you rely heavily on accurate and timely banking and payment information to manage your cash position. We understand the importance of this and also how extremely demanding the manual work can be on can be on your operation.

For more than 17 years we, at IBIS Management, have been alleviating our clients’ challenges related to overseeing multiple banking relations and have been solving the inefficiencies that drive up errors and high operational costs.

Our clients are companies such as yours that operate in multi-bank environments and who were are increasingly searching and opting for a better, more innovative solutions. An increasing number of corporates are maturing in their interaction with banks as these welcome a more automated, less manual and more structured exchange of information and communication of financial data.

Next to directly connecting corporates to banks, we also offer the option of connecting to banks through the SWIFT network. Access to the SWIFT network is no longer the exclusive domain of banks or the largest corporations. Any company operating in a multibank/ multi-connectivity environment, regardless of size, can now take advantage of the SWIFT network to streamline communications and create a more efficient and secure payment environment. We thoroughly understand the complete process of SWIFT and bring you the ease of SWIFT on-boarding along platforms that add value to your organization.

The SWISSRoute Total Messaging platform connects corporates to interbank services with complete SWIFT integration. It is an easy and cost-effective connection to send and receive payment messages, download standardized bank statements and manage your cash position.

IBIS Management is the turn-key SWIFT expert, from process assessment to SWIFT on-boarding and full implementation of and training on the SWISSRoute platform.

Overall Benefits of a Single Secure connection to multiple banks through SWISSRoute:

  • Improved automation
  • Reduction of in-house treasury and IT staff costs
  • Reduced accounting backlogs
  • Improved treasury activities and cash flow as a result of better cash visibility
  • Avoidance of Fraud and Manual errors
  • Less control points and reduced paperwork
  • Better control over the payment initiation, authorization and release process
  • Improved Auditability and compliance

Let the professionals at IBIS Management assist you in transforming your payment processing operation into to one with greater efficiencies and improved cash flow visibility.

Looking forward to a meeting with you.

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