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The IBIS Management Blockchain Think Tank had the great pleasure to partake in a private session with Blockchain expert, Ir Oliver Rikken MBA. The group delved into the latest on the technology and trends along with the future payment processing opportunities applicable to the Caribbean Financial sector. Be on the lookout as we develop compliant solutions, tools and processes to connect the region to Blockchain, from payment transfers to Smart contracts.

OUR PURPOSE throughout the years IBIS Management Associates has been dedicated to bringing operational excellence in payment processing to financial institutions. With recent developments in Blockchain technology, IBIS has formed an internal Blockchain Think Tank group to exercise ideas and develop solutions to help financial institutions benefit from this disruptive technology.

IBIS Management Team and Central Bank Session to bridge innovation. Joined by Oliver Rikken, Blockchain & Smart Contract Expert.

From the beginning we’ve asked ourselves: what can we do that will have the biggest positive impact for Financial Institutions? In 2000, we believed being consultants on various operational efficiency projects was the answer. We believed there was a need for a credible, professional, a technology and banking consulting company focused on finding solutions for clients. A company that would take a critical approach to the technology, without glossing over the challenges and limitations. We soon realized that there was a technology Gap in Payment process for Financial institutions and Corporates, so we developed our Flagship Payment Processing platform Alchemy as well as other solutions.

We’re proud of the solutions we’ve developed for clients. Just as importantly, we’re proud that we’ve been able to save our clients a lot of time and money by giving them straight answers and clear advice and solutions.
As economies and technology evolve we continue striving to bring positive impact in the sectors and region we operate in.

As such, we understand the immense potential that Blockchain technology has to transform our economies and disrupt traditional banking systems, finance, insurance, shipping and logistics, health care, governments to name a few. Next to our in-house expertise, we have also partnered with leaders in the Blockchain arena to deliver most complete solutions and services to our clients.

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