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Eduard Sluis



Eduard Sluis has been with IBIS Management Associates Inc. since the early years and is considered the brain behind the solutions.

He was born and raised in Delft, The Netherlands, and though he enjoyed his home town, he was always intrigued by other countries in which he could do the same (or higher) level of work without the pressure of long travel times, harassing winters, and crowded environments. Curaçao -as the Gem in the Caribbean- was selected as the perfect environment and has brought the best of all worlds, both personally and professionally.

After teaching at several Colleges and Universities for 6 years, he started at a software company to develop automation systems. He got to experience many different systems, gaining valuable knowledge and expertise. This prompted him to start his own company where he trained staff to provide automation development services mainly for the Financial Industry, leading to many success stories. In 2003 while developing systems for IBIS he decided to join forces to be able to reach out and help many clients.

Eduard always looks at what his clients need and what is best for them. Many times, it means that small/not expensive changes that have great positive impact are recommended. “It helps that we have enormous experience in what we do and can bring to our clients and many things are possible but sometimes, when I do not see the real benefits for my client, I’d rather say No.”

Eduard has a passion for designing and building large scale -database driven- automated systems. He is fascinated by the specific dynamics needed for truly secure web-fronts, mobile banking or backend transaction routing and to make them work as secure, as flexible, as functional rich, as traceable as possible.

He prides himself in that ‘Once they work they will always work!’


Project Management100%
Operational efficiency improvement90%
Payment Process90%
Technical Skills 70%

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