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SWISSRoute RippleNet™ Adapter

Providing interoperability between existing messaging systems and RippleNet™
SWISSRoute Service 

The SWISSRoute Service has been developed by IBIS Management Associates in Partnership with Finastra to provide Institutions with connectivity to globally trusted Payment Gateways.

With SWISSRoute as your adapter to connect to the modern banking world, you can connect to multiple banks through a single, secure channel. Once connected, you can streamline and automate your business flows by communicating with your banking partners using global standardized ISO and proprietary format (MT) messages.

Now our exclusive offering includes Ripple Connectivity. With the practicality and flexibility of having multiple cross-border payment solutions and Ripple in your pocket, there are no more limitations to your banking  possibilities.

With the SWISSRoute RippleNetTM Adapter, processing transactions through the RippleNetTM will be easier, offering an out-of-the box integration.

What is the RippleNet?

RippleNet™ is a blockchain-based solution that removes the friction in cross-border payments by enabling the world to securely move money the way information moves today. The solution works within a large network of partners. This network enables financial institutions to efficiently engage with hundreds of counterparties and settle payments in real time with a single API connection.

Joining RippleNet gives you access to…

Software to enable fast, transparent and reliable cross-border payments > One standardized API for all counterparty connections > A network of global banks and payment providers governed by rules and functional standards.


And that is just the beginning…

Join the global banking network of the future!

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