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Compliant Operations 

AML incidents rarely occur in Board Rooms, they happen in the field. Investing in Compliance Operations – a ‘First Line of Defence’ responsibility – is therefore sound risk management.

i-KYC Learning Management

A Learning Management Solution (LMS) is a sensible investment for organisations who take their staff learning seriously. The system’s ability to host e-learning programmes, efficiently register, collect and store learning data, launch learning needs questionnaires and produce comprehensive learning gap-analyses means you are in charge of the programme, and not the other way around.  An LMS can be used to manage the entire professional learning plan for your staff, making it a very useful component of your overall strategic HR program. 


What gets measured, gets managed.

Regulatory compliance training obligations alone are a powerful incentive to consider investing in a Learning Management Solution, or LMS, due to the system’s ability to efficiently collect learning data and produce comprehensive reporting. But aside from this pressing regulatory need the LMS will also allow you to manage your entire professional learning plan for your staff, making it an important component of your overall strategic HR program as well.


LMS platform & services

If in-house experience with a LMS is limited and your (IT) resources are stretched you can rely on i-KYC’s expertise to manage your LMS for you. The platform is an innovative pay-as-you-go service plan catered especially to the needs of smaller to medium-sized organizations. This plan minimizes upfront investment and provides you with maximum flexibility to manage your learning program professionally.

Download the LMS brochure : I-KYC LMS _IBIS Management

Download the Awareness training brochure: i-KYC Awareness Training

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