Leadership Team

Clark Russel

Meet Clark Russel

Clark founded IBIS Management Associates Inc. back in 2001, as an advisor and provider of Straight Through Processing solutions for the international banking sector. After completing studies in Engineering, Clark began his career in the Netherlands when he joined the ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam. In this role, he laid down the initial blueprints for the Global Access Network (GAN) of the Bank, a proprietary integrated communications network connecting all the worldwide ABN AMRO Branches. Read more…

Meet Michel Bon
Director of Implementation

Michel Bon is a co-founder of IBIS Management Associates Inc. and currently, serves as a Director with key responsibility the Finance department. As part of the Executive Management Team, Michel with more than 20 years experience in the payment processing area also acts as an advisor and liaison for the Product Implementation & Development department. Prior to founding IBIS Management Associates, Michel worked at the ABN AMRO Bank and carried out regional management for ABN AMRO Bank in the Dutch Caribbean.  Read more…

Meet Eduard Sluis

Eduard Sluis has been with IBIS Management since the early years as considered the brain behind the solutions. He was born and raised in Delft, Netherlands, and though he enjoyed his hometown, he was always intrigued by other countries in which he could do the same (or higher) level of work without the pressure of long travel times, harassing winters, and crowded environments. Read more…

Meet Efia Luis
Manager, Product Implementation & Development

Efia Luis recently joined the management team at IBIS Management Associates to head the team of Product Implementation and Development. She returned back to “dushi Korsow” (Sweet Curaçao as the natives refer to the island) after 17 years of living and working abroad. In the Netherlands, she started her career as a business consultant serving prominent Dutch banks in their transitions to operational excellence on local as international level. Read more…

Meet Angelique Ellis
Manager, Human Resources

Angelique is one of the most committed members of the IBIS team. In her role as Human Resource Manager, she is an advocate for respectfulness toward staff members, while always being commended as a great listener. Because of the work that Angelique does, new applicants continuously compliment IBIS Management on its professional recruitment process with prompt responses to inquiries. Read more…