Regulatory Reporting – Greenlight

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Automate your complete regulatory chain

The Greenlight solution automatically creates and delivers all required reports according to Basel II and III regulations, drastically reducing manual interventions. IBIS Management’s Basel experts also work closely with Central Banks and Financial Institutions as a guide an advisor through the preparation for and implementation of standards and processes.

With our highly advanced and intelligent Greenlight reporting solution, you too will be enabled to do more with your regulatory reporting data. Greenlight shortens the preparation time spent on Banking Regulatory Reporting and provides a higher level of consistency and accuracy within your reporting schedules.

With Greenlight, you get a dedicated solution that shifts your efforts from a time-consuming report preparation process to actual report analysis. Greenlight enables you to capture all relevant and required data from multiple data sources, into one centralized and standardized reporting solution.

Rule driven data allocation ensures schedule accuracy, consistency, and provides valuable information to substantiate risk management and strategic decisions.

Validate and process your data through more than 5500 business rules compliant with your required Banking Regulatory Framework.

See our Greenlight Brochure 2015 for more details.