Leadership Team

Meet Efia Luis
Manager, Product Implementation & Development

Efia Luis recently joined the management team at IBIS Management Associates to head the team of Product Implementation and Development. She returned back to “dushi Korsow” (Sweet Curaçao as the natives refer to the island) after 17 years of living and working abroad. In the Netherlands she started her career as business consultant serving prominent Dutch banks in their transitions to operational excellence on local as international level. Her adventurous spirit led her to career opportunities even further away from home.

The last couple of years she spent in Singapore assisting a merging bank with the integration of their back-offices in the Asian region and after that she led centralization projects to move their specific operation units to cost-effective hubs.

With her extensive experience as consultant and project manager of major project deliveries for Bank Operations, she is excited to add on to the asset base of IBIS and in being part of the journey to bring payment processing solutions to the next level.