At IBIS Management associates, we help Financial Institutions achieve operational excellence in payment processing and regulatory reporting through the delivery of solutions and advice to meet global standards and address challenges within the financial sector.

Our solutions automate payment processes, ensure compliance to industry standards and address Basel requirements set forth in each jurisdiction. In turn these solutions and processes help increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs of institutions, ranging from Central Banks to commercial and retail banks, next to credit unions, trusts and corporate service providers.

Next to our in-house developed suite of products, we have partnered with the best in class to extend solutions that compliment financial and business needs. Our product suite consists of the following solutions:

Alchemy Connect

Automation has never been easier

In many large and small banks the Payments Department still uses outdated manual or semi-manual procedures processes. This makes your operations department a cost and risk center at the bank. Every time an officer handles a piece of paper or re-enters data into legacy systems in order to process a payment, the bank loses valuable staff time and introduces operational, fraud and compliance risk into the bank. Learn more…


The most complete payment solution

Offering a central platform to connect with all banking relationships. By the exchange of financial information with all banks via one standardized communication platform, FUZE increases global visibility on transactions and eliminates the use of multiple tokens, identifiers and password. The FUZE (SWIFT compliant) Payment Gateway automates, standardizes and optimizes the entire payment workflow of the Trust operation. Learn more…


Connectivity to the SWIFT Gateway

SWISSRoute has been developed in Partnership with D&H Financial Technologies (formerly BBP) to provide Institutions with connectivity to the SWIFT Payment Gateway. SWISSRoute has a real-time interface with Alchemy connect, but can also be implemented as a stand-alone solution. Learn more…


Automate your regulatory chain

The Greenlight solution automatically creates and delivers all required reports according to Basel II and III regulations, drastically reducing manual interventions. IBIS Management’s Basel experts also work closely with Central Banks and Financial Institutions as a guide an advisor through the preparation for and implementation of standards and processes. Learn more…


Multi-layer Authentication for security

Next to IBIS Management’s proprietary solutions, the company has also partnered with Entrust Identityguard to offer multi-layer authentication options to increase the level of security when accessing personal and company data. Entrust has been at the forefront of the identity-based digital information security market for nearly two decades. Learn more…